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Wedding canopies are always admired for their functionality, durability and comprehensive exclusivity. Not only this but Indian wedding tents come with plenty of lively tent designs for wedding when it comes to creating an outdoor space for a wedding. Be it the classic white, clear or charmingly colorful, these volatile structures are an extremely stylish addition to your fun cocktail hour, outdoor reception or ceremony. With our classic Indian wedding canopies, you can create a welcoming entry perfectly suited for a magnificent entrance, design softness with downward drapery, bring life to the outdoors with plants and trees or set an accent for your post-ceremony design with a range of ceiling installations.

A wedding canopy is an ideal alternative to tents and wedding arches that you can decorate as per your requirements to cater to endless wedding styles as well as host a beautiful, memorable wedding ceremony. When you plan an outdoor wedding, it means that you will have to add up exactly where your event will be taking place. Although the chair setup will appropriately designate your space, you can always create a more united space by using an Indian wedding canopy effectively.


  • The to-be-married couple can stand right below the canopy for the ceremony.

  • The canopy can be placed right above the seating space in order to develop a more intimate feeling for guests.

  • You can always use a canopy to cover a lounge or a cocktail area.

  • You can also cover serving bars with the help of an outdoor canopy. 


Vibrant, colorful Indian wedding tents in rich fabrics can add a grand, luxurious feel to your outdoor wedding ceremony. You can put together the traditional tulle or organza with jacquard or heavy silk for an extravagant feel. Lavish floral decorations hung across the top of the wedding canopy can be imitated on the sides. The back of your event tent will feature hanging beads and floral strands to complete the look. Placing your canopy right above the staging will help you set it apart from the rest of the space, thereby making the ceremony all the more visible to the guests in the back. 

Indian Tent Manufacturer is widely known as one of the best wedding tent manufacturers in India for the quality we serve. We are committed to offering a wide range of the best wedding tents to buy in the market. Our royal Jodhpur tents are the most popular choice for hosting weddings or outdoor cocktail events, etc. Not only this but we also offer the most exclusive tent designs for weddings as they are the best choice when it comes to hosting a big, royal wedding. So, get in touch with our team today and find the ideal wedding canopy for your special day.

Features :


Huge Space
High Longevity
Perfect Finish
Sturdy Designs
Ideal For Outdoor Application

High-end Ambience for Outdoor Events

Made Up Of Best Quality Fabrics

Aesthetic Designs & Shapes

Specifications :

10ft by 10ft

15ft by 15ft

10ft by 15ft

20ft by 20ft

And many more .. Till 80ft by 100ft






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